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The Stella Edge Lamp literally allows you to take the “light” with you wherever you go. As your eyes age, or when macular degeneration and other eye disease sets in, daily tasks become more difficult to travel anywhere or work on simple tasks without ample lighting.

Designed for maximum durability and portability, the Stella EDGE travels with you while your on the go. It’s patented design has a clamping mechanism which allows you to fasten it on edges between .5″ to 2.5″ thick. The neck allows maximum stability and flexibility, so the head can be easily maneuvered to hold most positions. You can now read the morning newspaper, enjoy your favorite magazine, read your phone or take it to travel and enjoy crisp clear light wherever you go. The opportunities with the Stella EDGE are endless!

The Stella EDGE lamp is arrives in a small, mobile box with a built in travel handle.  Intuitive design and adaptive technology make it the ideal low vision tool for those individuals on the go.

Clamps to Most Edges

The adjustable clamp light allows for easy attachment on most edges between .5 and 2.5 inches thick. Keep your hands free while working on the projects you love.

Versatile Flexible Neck

The light can be twisted, bent and rotated to position the light exactly where you need it. Create direct or indirect light giving you maximum control.

Customize Lighting Specturm with Warm, Daylight or Cool light

LED Adaptive Technology

Stella products utilize Tri-Spectrum technology, allowing you to choose Warm (2800K) Bright White (4100K) or Cool (5500K) light. This adaptive technology is ideal for ageing eyes, low vision reading, craft and hobby, and home projects.

Customize lights brightness

5-Brightness Settings

200-1000+ lumens allows for varying light intensity. Users can dim any mode to 5% of the overall maximum light output. The lamps long lasting LED’s means you will never change any bulbs for the life of the product. Brilliant, bright light consumes 10 watts of power, producing minimal heat and lasts over 50,000 hours or 12-15 years of daily use.

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