The Stella Wey

/’ste:l.la/(n) Latin: 1. Light is not only important; it is essential for the quality of human life. 2. Listen to what the customer wants in a product, innovate beyond the ordinary, and build precision lighting instruments that have a specific value and use. 3. Customer service is not an action, but an attitude. 4. Out with the old and in with the new. Evolutions in technology, combined with innovative minds allow Stella to design industry-leading products. 5. Change the world, one product at a time. 6. Transcend and stand alone for what we believe is important in a lighting product.

Quality Lighting is Essential to Quality of Life.

If we were to select 100 strangers off the street and ask them: “Is lighting important to you?”

Chances are 99/100 people would say yes. There is no smoke and mirrors, we all need to see better. Whether it be in the workplace, when reading a book, working on a project, or just relaxing in our homes, we need lighting to help our body and mind function properly. Just ask those individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and clinical light deprivation, and they will tell you good light is essential to their well-being.

Stella Lighting designs and develops lighting products that help improve the quality of life – it’s that simple. No facades, no gimmicks, we build products that give the user control over the light spectrum, dimming, and light position, among other aspects. We stand behind every light that we build with a customer service guarantee. You deserve the best quality of life possible, and we deliver the most personalized lighting solution in the marketplace today.