General Stella Questions

What makes Stella Lighting products better than other task lighting products on the market?

Why do I need 3 color temperature modes? What are they each for?

Where can I purchase Stella Products?

Product Operation

How do I change the battery in my remote?


When plugging the connector into the back of the lamp it seems to stick out a little or is loose.

When trying to assemble the Sky Two (floor model) I am not able to get the pole to lock down on the base.

I have just assembled my Stella Sky 2 and it doesn't flash on and off when I plug it in. It also won't turn on when I push the power button on the remote.

My Stella Edge or Stella Sky feels a little warmer than my Stella desk lamp when it’s running. Is there something wrong with it.

If I need to ship the light back, what sort of packaging do I need?