Two Black Stella Sky Two lamps
Two Black Stella Sky Two lamps Two White Stella Sky Two lamps Black Stella Sky Two lamp from the side Black magetic remote Remote mounted magnetically on Black Stella Sky Two lamp Two White Stella Sky Two lamps White Stella Sky Two lamp from the side Floor Light Old man reading newspaper with Stella Floor Lamp

Floor Light


Choose Your Color
The Stella SKY TWO Floor Light is designed for you and your favorite chair.  The multiple color spectrums mimic warm, bright white and cool moonlight while the optic lens reduces glare on the sensitive eye.

This task floor lamps LED bulbs is a reason why many people with macular degeneration (AMD) or vision impairment prefer Stella lights for working on tasks like reading, sewing, writing bills or letters and performing hobbies.

The adjustable pole extends from 4-6 feet, and is controlled with a wireless remote control. This allows the user to avoid getting up and down out of a recliner to control the light. The flexible neck lets you adjust the light source of this low vision aid in any position to achieve a glare free and direct illumination for the task at hand. The floor lamp is counterbalanced to provide maximum stability, with the flexibility to maneuverer anywhere in a room.

The Stella SKY TWO floor lamp provides crisp clean light, maximum control, minimal glare on objects in front of you. The light head can be directed where you want so that you continue to do the things you enjoy.
Man using Stella Sky to enjoy reading the newspapper

Simple Wireless Remote

Control power, brightness and light mode with a simple wireless remote operation. Maximum control at the touch of a button so you can continue to enjoy the activities you love without interruption. Each light is delivered with two remotes for your peace of mind in the event a remote is lost.

Woman using Stella Sky lamp on the coutch to see her knitting project.

Lights Up Your Favorite Space

The ergonomic design of the lamp allows you to set the height from 4-6 feet, bend, twist and rotate the neck to provide maximum light where you need it most. Ideal for your favorite chair to watch television, hobby desk, or bedroom reading light.

Customize Lighting Specturm with Warm, Daylight or Cool light

LED Adaptive Technology

You often need different lighting for different tasks at different times of the day. Stella gives you a chance to choose between Warm (2800K) Bright White (4100K) or Cool (5500K) lighting based to provide optimal lighting solutions.

Customize lights brightness

5-Level Brightness Settings

200-1000+ lumens allows for varying light intensity. Users can dim any mode to 5% of the overall maximum light output. The lamps long lasting LED’s means you will never change any bulbs for the life of the product. Brilliant, bright light consumes 10 watts of power, producing minimal heat and lasts over 50,000 hours or 12-15 years of daily use.

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